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Bushido Jiu Jitsu Strength Founder

Jeff has been a competitive athlete and martial artist his entire life.  He played football and participated in powerlifting until an injury sidelined him his junior year of college.  He then had the opportunity to live in Japan for two years, where he studied various martial arts.  After returning to the U.S. he became a corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, and continued training various martial arts, lifting weights, doing yoga, etc.  He started his first gym approximately 10 years ago, and eventually shifted his focus to training and competing in JiuJitsu, and strength training.  In 2022 Jeff decided to take everything he has learned as a student or member of countless martial arts studios and gyms and create the ultimate training facility-Bushido • JiuJitsu Strength.  His passion and purpose is sharing the benefits of martial arts and weightlifting with others.

•Black Belt under Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro, founder of Six Blades JiuJitsu and IBJJF Hall of Fame member.
•Six-time IBJJF World Master Champion.
•Nine-time IBJJF Pan American Champion.
•Six-time IBJJF American National Champion.
•Two-time IBJJF Japanese National Champion.
•IBJJF European International Master Champion
•Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Champion.
•Kasai Superfight Winner.
•Fight 2 Win Superfight Winner.
•Over 50 additional IBJJF International Open medals and championships.